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“FEW Nexus Innovation Think” is a unique initiative that curates contemporary food-energy-water(FEW) nexus innovation thinking from a spectrum of sources in research and academia, leading newswires, reputable blogs and more in order that a wide range of stakeholders will likely find value and save time on the topical FEW nexus innovation searches and analysis. The expected outcome of the initiative is to support the appreciation of the emerging multiple perspectives on the complex nexus innovation thinking and its inter linkages and to catalyze a systematic move towards the emergence of a richer repository of innovative responses to global climate induced food, water and energy security challenges.

The Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg) is on a mission to create more farmers for the future of food production. They are developing the open source hardware and software platforms for sensor-controlled hydroponic and aeroponic agriculture systems. OpenAg is...

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Yan Yingwei, a final year PhD student from the Department of Geography at NUS, used Esri Geographic Information System (GIS) technology – otherwise known as smart mapping technology – to analyse the impact of climate change on invasive crop pest species, and used...

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Problem Context: The par boiled rice mill industry in India is characterized by multiple challenges – technology for par boiled rice production and effluent treatment, poor rice husk, ash and bran recovery, ownership and nature of mill operations, working capital and...

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