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“The new report Valuing the SDG Prize in Food and Agriculture shows that meeting the challenges of the food and agriculture sectors sustain ably could unlock 14 major business opportunities worth US$2.3 trillion annually by 2030. Each opportunity has an estimated value range: from cattle intensification where sustainable improvements could increase value by US$15 billion a year, to reducing food waste in value chains worth US$405 billion to the private sector.With an annual investment of US$320 billion, fully pursuing these sustainable opportunities would deliver a 7-fold return on investment….

…Across regions, the biggest business opportunity in developing Asia is in cutting food waste across the value chain; while in developed Asian countries like South Korea and Japan, reducing consumer food waste offers the biggest gains. In India, investing in supply chain improvements and food innovation in low-income food markets is the strongest opportunity for businesses, and in Latin America and Africa, reducing deforestation and land degradation in forest ecosystem services offers the largest” ….

Read more via link : http://businesscommission.org/our-work/valuing-the-sdg-prize-in-food-and-agriculture