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Human development depends on the  security and availability of food, water, and energy resources. Quality food nurtures physical and mental well-being in children, clean water access  leads to less intense and less frequent flood, disease, poverty, erosion or other climate variability related vagaries and  access to energy enables many development related dividends! Each, therefore, is intricately dependent on the other two…

” The interactive Pardee RAND Food-Energy-Water Index enables the measurement of the current state of food, water, and energy security and allows for analysis of these topics under future scenarios. It allows those interested in improving development to understand the dominant sources of insecurity in a nation and identify cases where many sources of insecurity are interrelated. For those interested in studying how to improve development trajectories, these data can explain why some nations currently  enjoy higher levels of human development and others have lower ones ” according to researchers at Rand.

Learn more here by accessing the data, the method and the nexus ramifications at :

  1. Data : https://www.prgs.edu/pardee-initiative/food-energy-water/interactive-index.html &

      2.Technical Documentation of the Index Construction : http://www.rand.org/pubs/tools/TL165.html

Access Via Link : http://www.prgs.edu/pardee-initiative/food-energy-water/interactive-index.html