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STFC Marketplaces

Our quest into 2017 on questions relating to how to solve big challenges in the food-water-energy-climate nexus in efficient, effective and importantly in environmentally sustainable ways led us to this initative  titled  ‘ Sustainability Technology and Finance Catalyst Marketplaces ( STFC Marketplaces )’ . Marketplaces, especially those that are technology led, we found, among many possible solutions, offered ways to bring buyers and sellers together, reduced search and discovery costs while providing open platforms to bring to early light innovative products and services for rapid diffusion and fast market uptake.

As an on-going advocacy initiative, we have , to begin with, tracked 6 global sustainable technologies (spanning food, water, energy, built environment verticals)  and 6 sustainable finance marketplace initiatives ( spanning sustainable finance needs emanating from stakeholders ranging from governments  to SMEs ).

Through the initiative, we hope to catalyze the idea of India centric  STFC marketplaceplatforms given the unprecedented success of electronic marketplace startups successes and valuations in here, favourable glocal climate – sustainability technology, market and policy tidings and the maturity and avaialbility of deep technical expertise and manpower.

Happy  2017


WIPO Green

WIPO GREEN is an interactive marketplace that promotes innovation and diffusion of green technologies. It does this by connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions.

Learn More Via Link : https://www3.wipo.int/wipogreen/en/

The Global Innovation Exchange

The Global Innovation Exchange is a global online marketplace for development innovations, funding, insights, resources and conversations, allowing the world to better work together to address humanity’s greatest challenges.

Learn More Via Link :  https://www.globalinnovationexchange.org/

The Agricultural Innovation MKTPlace

The Agricultural Innovation MKTPlace is an international initiative supported by various partners in LAC countries and aims to benefit smallholder producers by enabling innovation through collaborative partnerships between LAC experts and institutions using policy dialogue, capacity strengthening and joint agricultural research for development project approaches.

Learn More Via Link :  http://www.mktplace.org/site/index.php/what-we-do

EIP Water Online Marketplace
At the center of the EIP Water Online Marketplace is the matchmaking function, which – similar to a conventional marketplace – enables people to meet each other as well as offer their products. It enables to search for colleagues of interest across the entire water innovation value chain, as well as offer water innovation products and services.

Learn More Via Link :   http://www.eip-water.eu/my-market-place/how-it-works

IRENA Sustainable Energy Marketplace
The IRENA Sustainable Energy Marketplace is a virtual platform that gathers all renewable energy actors and IRENA’s expertise and work to pursue together the deployment of renewable energies in developing countries. The marketplace aims to scale up the existing global investment and support the channeling of public and private finance to meet the demand in the market. Project developers, financiers, service and technology suppliers can register and work together to realize projects and bring energy where it is still needed.

Learn More Via Link :  http://marketplace.irena.org/


EcoSpex is a North America based online business to business (B2B) connection between sustainable product Suppliers and Manufacturers and the Design and Construction professionals looking to deliver sustainable buildings for tomorrow. A leading support tool for sourcing third party verified and certified energy efficient building products. EcoSpex provides a showcasing platform, an on-line verification tool, a hub of innovation, an educational outreach resource and a catalyst for change.

Learn More Via Link : http://www.ecospex.com/Common/WhatIsEcospex

The Green Infrastructure Investment Coalition

The aim of the Green Infrastructure Investment Coalition (GIIC) is to provide a platform of investors, multilateral development banks (MDBs) and analysts available for countries seeking to finance their green infrastructure investments needs. GIIC works through a global network of Member organisations which bring with them their unique skills and expertise throughout the investment chain. 

The work of the Coalition allows governments and project developers to present their pipeline of projects five years into the future (min. $100 million deal size) and access new sources of funding from international investors.

Learn More Via Link : http://www.giicoalition.org/

The Paris Europlace

The Paris Europlace is centred on long-term and sustainable financing – which includes supporting the digital, energy and environmental transitions – and attracts large numbers of international investors.It intends to play a major role in the new European capital markets union, which is currently underway and is fully mobilised to underpin employment by serving France’s small, medium and large businesses”

Learn More Via Link :  http://www.paris-europlace.com/en/french-marketplace

The Access and eXchange for Impact Investment and Sustainability (AXiiS)

The Access and eXchange for Impact Investment and Sustainability (AXiiS) Platform provided by the Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST). This Platform enables matchmaking between impact investors, such as financial service providers (FSPs), and credit-ready small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the sustainable agriculture and forestry sectors.AXiiS will also serve as a collecting, aggregating and data analysis tool, by gathering key financial indicators and investment trends related to these sectors.

Learn More Via Link :  https://www.axiis.ca/#!/?Section=Welcome

Carbon Mercantile Exchange(CMX)

Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) is the premier carbon-focused commodities exchange administering a proficient level of expertise to a continuously flourishing carbon market.CMX is a joint venture between a series of global financial institutions and investment funds. CMX has currently expanded its operation across 6 major cities and continues to grow in preparation for the United Nations’ implementation of a compliance based regulatory carbon mechanism post 2015.

Learn More Via Link :   http://www.globalcmx.com/


Convergence; world’s first global blended finance platform, helps private, public, and philanthropic investors find and connect with each other to co-invest in deals in emerging and frontier markets. By allowing investors to quickly search databases for credible deals or co-investors that match their investment needs, Convergence will ease the deal process through broadening networks, reducing search costs, and simplifying screening.

Learn More Via Link :  https://convergence.finance/

Impact Exchange

Impact Exchange is the world’s first public trading platform dedicated to connecting Social Enterprises (SEs) with mission-aligned investment. Impact Exchange provides a unique opportunity for Asian and African SEs to raise investment capital to scale and deepen their social and environmental impact while offering Impact Investors the opportunity to invest in and trade securities issued by SEs that reflect their values.

Learn More Via Link :  http://impactexchange.asiaiix.com/