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About Us

Change Planet Partners Climate Innovation Foundation is an independent public trust registered in March 2011 in Hyderabad, Telangana, India with registration number 61/IV/2011. We are a 12AA certified entity with full tax-exempt status.

Our climate nonprofit’s climate innovations’ promotion mandate rests on 3 pillars; climate innovation, incubation and advocacy while remaining broad, contemporary and inclusive. Thus far, the mandate has spanned 7 key themes in food energy water (FEW) Climate Change Nexus, Climate Change – Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainability,Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs),Gender, Sustainable Lifestyles and Education (SLE),Climate Information Services(CIS) – Health intersection.

The Founding Board of Trustees – team comprising Mr. A.M Rao and Ms Suman A – bring to the Foundation’s table 100+ man-years of exemplary public service, technology and relevant climate change – sustainability domain expertise  coupled with both for and not-for-profit experiences in order to fulfill the mandate set forth in the Foundation’s charter of articles. While Mr.A.M Rao holds a M.Sc. (Agri Extension) from ANGRAU, University, Hyderabad, Ms Suman holds an MBA (St. Carbon Management) from the UEA, the UK (Dean’s List Holder), B.Tech(Chem. Engg), 2 Advanced Diplomas in Systems and Management Consultancy, L2 Open Badge Certifications for Data Science, Big Data, Text Analytics, and IIIT-Hyderabad awarded Blockchain Solutions and Technologies Advanced Certification with an Outstanding Performer Grade.

The Foundation is also fortunate to have well-wishers and trusted advisors whose ready support continues to inspire the team to serve the public good cause with a creative and entrepreneurial bent, systems think, trans disciplinary integrate, transformative change orient and in a synergistic spirit with like minded networks such as the GGCA, the UNEP led Life Cycle Initiative,10 YFP Sustainable Education and Lifestyle Programme Track, the FAO led AAHM  et.al.

The Foundation’s stakeholder networks principally cover – business, civil society, science-policy and citizen groups both nationally and internationally. Our work portfolio has spanned the India-UK Water Center, the Nexus Network, UK, the World Water Forums both 6 and 7, the UNISDR – Ministry of Home Affairs led AMC (Asian Ministerial Conference ) – DRR 2016, the UNFCCC COP18 – GGCA led Civil Society Gender Deliberations Participation among others.

Our modest accomplishments such as the ones below give us much impetus to carry forward our vision and mission and to make visible impact on the climate public good innovations promotion.

The ‘Blockchain4CCaS’ – A transformative Blockchain led PoC and Public Use Case i2  ‘Responsible Innovation’ orientated initiative, unveiled recently  and transecting  #SDGs and #Sustainability themes on Perlin, Waves, Ethereum, IPFS stacks, has received wide  stakeholder attention and is currently under registration review for  ‘Acceleration Commitment in the SDG  2019 Summit Registry’

The ‘IPFSEthereumBigDB4SDG7Impact’ –  Blockchain based impact measurement and monitoring proof-of-concept flow for SDG 6 and befitting the World Water Day 2019’s theme of ‘leaving no one behind’ – made it to the official UN World Water Day 2019 Events Registry 

The ‘Energy Efficient Cook stove Innovators Support Pilot ‘ – entered the UNFCCC led ‘Momentum for Change – Women for Results ‘ Track competition – and is currently part of the UNFCCC Activity Database

The  digital ‘Water MOOC Awareness Event ‘ – organized for World Water Forum 7 citizen forum track – received  global interest cutting across civil society groups, academia,  and Edtech firms

The disaster risk communication trends contribution – ‘EDRR Initiative ‘ for AMCDRR 2016 Summit in New Delhi – disseminated via UNISDR led ‘Prevention Web’ network

The IW2T3 World Water Day 2017 initiative on Industrial Waste Water Trends and Technologies  –  made it to the official UN World Water Day 2017 events registry