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In 2015, the World Water Forum, the largest water-related event in the world took place in Daegu & Gyeongbuk of South Korea (April 12 – 17, 2015). The World Water Forum is a large-scale international conference that is held every three years since 1997 in cooperation with the public, private sectors, academia, and industries. It was first launched in an effort to facilitate international discussions on global water challenges.

Learn more about the event at : http://www.worldwaterforum7.org/introduce/intro.asp

Various programs related to water education, water and culture, and civil society’s major groups such as women, youth, and indigenous people will be included.

Civil organizations will take the lead in efforts to raise awareness about water challenges and seek solutions together. They will provide discussions, lectures, exhibitions, performances, and others.

Their voices and suggestions will be reflected to all programs of the 7th World Water Forum while focusing on the core value of the 7th Forum, ‘implementation.’

Additionally, the Citizen’s Forum is to be designed with a particular focus on the linkage with other processes and synergy among sessions and thematic areas.


Through this exciting forum, it is expected that the Forum’s program will be greatly enriched as a whole and will contribute to enhancing the awareness of the general public on water and their facilitation in the dynamic interactions with other stakeholders in seeking water challenge related solutions together.

Learn more at : http://www.worldwaterforum7.org/introduce/program/citizen.asp

“Introduction to Water MOOCs: Open Courseware Access by Civil Society /Citizenry for Informed & Inspired Water Action on the Ground”

Thematic Relevance

Water Specific Subject | CSO Network/Civil Society in General | Water Education

Program Content

The main objective of this online and interactive event is to spread the awareness about MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) on water relevant topics among civil society /citizen groups involved in civic action on water related issues in their communities.


Amplification of the MOOC (water education access mechanism) message.

World Water Forum 7 - Citizen Forum - MOOC Awareness Event