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The Solar Impulse Foundation launched the World Alliance for Clean Technologies on 11th November  during COP22, as a legacy to the first ever solar flight around the world. Its goal is to federate the main actors in the field of clean technologies, in order to create synergies, promote profitable solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental and health challenges, and give credible advice to governments…

“The Alliance’s overarching ambition is to globally advance the cause of clean technologies, which it defines as “any practical solution that allows to bridge the gap between ecology and economy. They are not limited to the production of renewable energy, but encompass technologies, systems, know-hows or processes that protect the environment, improve health, increase energy efficiency or save natural resources, while creating jobs, generating profit and sustaining growth”… according to the alliance’s launch press release.

Learn more via link : http://alliance.solarimpulse.com/