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Water for Liveable and Resilient Cities

About the Course

The course helps appreciate how water can be used in the planning of cities to improve liveability in the face of climate change and population growth

Water plays a central role in almost every aspect of our urban environment and quality of life in our cities. Alarmingly, the combined impacts of rapid population growth and climate change are now posing a severe threat to the liveability and resilience of our cities.

However, it’s possible to design water systems that provide cities with the capacity to cope with these threats. So-called “water sensitive urban design” creates water sensitive cities that enhance and protect the health of watercourses and wetlands; mitigate flood risk and damage; and create public spaces that harvest, clean and recycle water.

This approach poses complex planning and urban design challenges. And it requires solutions that address equally complex and interrelated considerations, such as social, environmental, political, economic, planning and engineering disciplines.

Course Content

In this free online course, the course taker will hear from leading researchers and thought-leaders in Australia and internationally about key actions in delivering water sensitive cities. The course taker will also be able to discuss and to consider the latest solutions and concepts on urban design and modelling, climate change adaptation, behaviour change, and social and government engagement and related to:

  • the emerging challenges facing various cities
  • how water sensitive cities can be the driver for more resilient cities
  • how water can be managed in our cities to improve their liveability
  • the potential for storm water, urban aquatic systems, and green infrastructure to improve the urban climate
  • how changes in human behaviour and institutions can complement and assist transitions to water sensitive cities.


Course Benefit

Nuanced understanding of effective ways to create water sensitive cities as around the world.


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