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Editorial Source :Saundry, P.D. J Environ Stud Sci (2016) 6: 1. doi:10.1007/s13412-016-0389-2

This issue of JESS is devoted to the food-energy-water nexus. The papers included advance thinking on the relationship between scholarly research on the effective management of food, energy, and water systems in a more integrated manner.

Researchers have long noted that food, energy, and water systems are each complex coupled natural and human systems (for example, Liu et al. 2007) and those studying each system have included increasing numbers of feedbacks related to the other two systems (for example, Alcamo et al. 2003; Bredehoeft 2011; Strzepek and Boehlert 2010, and Nonhebel 2005). In recent years, progress on many fronts has enabled corresponding advances in applying systems science to food, energy and water challenges, such that it is now productive to integrate all three when addressing major challenges to human society (Liu et al. 2015). Areas of advancement include environmental sensors and remote sensing (Thenkabail 2015), cyber infrastructure (DOE 2015), and modelling (Wainwright and Mulligan 2013)

This issue of JESS, the NCSE conference and NSF workshops, and the many diverse projects demonstrate that scholarly advances in many areas are expanding our fundamental understanding of how the three systems interact and leading to solutions to the challenge of providing food, energy, and water to the world’s growing population sustainably.”

Access the interesting and diverse think on the subject via the publisher link : http://link.springer.com/journal/13412/6/1/page/1