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Smart farming has become a major trend in the agriculture sector. According to the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO), by 2050 food production may increase by 70% to feed 9.6 billion people.

As Libelium has reported in its Smart Agriculture white paper, food and agricultural companies are increasing investment daily to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in some of their processes to cut costs, increase the harvest quality and quantity, and ease some farmers’ routine activities. It is essential to guarantee production and competitiveness.

Red Tecnoparque Colombia is a technical innovative programme of SENA Regional Risaralda, the Colombian National Service for Learning, which aims to accelerate the development of I+D+i projects in the countries. To improve productivity, the organisation has deployed a wireless sensor network with Libelium technology to monitor plantain crops in Lembo area, in Santa Rosa de Cabal region…

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