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“…Scientists at IBM Research – Ireland are working on managing the complexity of the food-water-energy nexus. They have developed state-of-the-art systems to forecast water usage, energy consumption, energy generation, and crop growth. These systems benefit from increasingly large amounts of data that are available about the use of constrained resources, and the factors that drive their use. This data is collected from many sources, including IoT devices like smart meters, and is often unstructured, like images from satellites.

For example, researchers in Dublin help better manage water rights in developing nations. “Water rights management can be challenging in developing countries with limited data, financial resources and increasing demand,” said Seshu Tirupathi, an IBM research scientist., “My work, in collaboration with IBM Research-Africa in Kenya, has been to develop a system that can improve the quality of the information and interpretations available to decision makers and staff. This helps the license provider to analyze the impact of a new well on neighboring wells, and helps the water resource board to constantly model and monitor the groundwater levels in any given region… “

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